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HR Quick Tip: One-On-One Meetings

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Provide ongoing, weekly one-on-one meetings with your employees.

We at 501 have established a culture of regular ongoing, weekly one-on-one meetings between managers and their team members. These brief, frequent conversations help to build rapport between the manager and the employee, address any issues early on, and provide a platform for ongoing feedback and goal alignment. We have found that delivering regular consistent and constructive performance feedback enables employees to understand their strengths and areas they may need to improve in.

Investing time in your staff is a great way to develop a strong team and great organization. When you work with your employees to create their own growth and development plan, ways to improve performance that help each staff continue to evolve in a professional capacity, this tells employees you care about them as individuals and as professionals. It’s a great way to foster open communication and build strong working relationships.


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