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9 Steps to Set Your Staff Up For Success

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Developing an effective action plan for a struggling employee involves a thoughtful and direct approach to identify specific areas of improvement and to assist in finding solid ideas for addressing any deficiencies.

Remember, the action plan should be collaborative between you, the manager, and the employee. Working together helps foster a sense of ownership and commitment to your employee’s professional development.

Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Identify specific areas that need improvement
    Pinpoint the areas where employees are falling short of their goals or job duties. Be specific about behaviors, skills, or tasks that need improvement. This clarity will help both you, the manager, and the employee understand the focus of the action plan.
  2. Set clear and achievable goals
    Establish measurable and achievable goals that pinpoint the identified areas of improvement. Ensure each goal is realistic, time-bound, and aligned with performance expectations.
  3. Define actionable steps
    Break down each goal into doable steps by clearly outlining the tasks and activities the employee must undertake to achieve the desired outcomes. These steps should be specific and manageable.
  4. Allocate resources and support
    Identify any resources (extra training, mentorship, collaboration with other team members, education, online tools). Ensure they have the necessary tools and support to succeed.
  5. Establish a timeline
    Define a timeline for each step of the action plan. Setting deadlines creates a sense of urgency and accountability. Regularly scheduled check-ins/one-on-ones will help track progress and make necessary adjustments.
  6. Monitor and evaluate their progress
    Implement a monitoring system to track the employee’s progress and regularly assess whether they are meeting the agreed-upon milestones. If progress is slower than expected, be prepared to reassess the action plan and make necessary modifications.
  7. Provide ongoing feedback
    Offer continuous feedback on the employee’s performance. Acknowledge achievements and provide constructive feedback on areas that still need improvement. Encourage open communication and address any concerns the employee may have.
  8. Celebrate successes
    Celebrate small victories and improvements. Recognizing and rewarding progress can boost morale and motivation. It also reinforces the positive changes the employee is making.
  9. Adjust the plan as needed
    Be flexible and open to adjusting the action plan based on evolving circumstances. If specific strategies are not working, collaborate with the employee to modify the plan to achieve success.

Implementing these nine steps can profoundly enhance the success and satisfaction of your employees, ultimately leading to a more productive and harmonious (think-engaged employees) work environment. By fostering open communication, providing meaningful feedback, and investing in their development, you not only empower your team to thrive professionally, you also cultivate a culture of support and growth within your department and organization as a whole.

Remember, the success of your employees is intricately linked to the success of your organization.

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