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501(c) Agencies Trust

Unemployment Management Services for Nonprofits

Established in 1982 by a dozen nonprofits, the 501(c) Agencies Trust is a national organization that assists other nonprofits, like yours, with leaving the state unemployment tax system and becoming reimbursing employers. This transition frees up valuable resources, allowing you to focus more time and funds toward achieving your mission.


What Are State Unemployment Insurance Tax Alternatives?

Under federal law, 501(c)(3) organizations can choose an alternative to the state unemployment insurance tax system by reimbursing the state for any paid benefits. With the aid of the 501(c) Agencies Trust, you can establish a reserve account that you fully own and grow through conservative investing instead of paying a predetermined state tax rate. This allows organizations to maintain greater control of their finances while earning additional income through investing.

Trust Program Benefits

The 501(c) Agencies Trust membership comes with a comprehensive range of services that reduce unemployment risk and decrease the cost associated with employee turnover. In fact, our program saves nearly 1,500 nonprofits an estimated $20 million annually. The services offered through the Trust are specifically tailored to provide critical support to members with the following benefits:

Dedicated unemployment claims representative
Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives
Unlimited access to senior HR professionals
Re-employment tools and support for separated employees
Industry-leading background and identity services
Talent acquisition services
Up-to-date employee management training for HR staff and other supervisors

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