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Washington State Workers’ Compensation

Save Money with the Retro Group Plan

501(c) Services is pleased to offer Washington State nonprofits an exclusive opportunity to save money through our Group Retro Plan. Officially recognized by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), this plan provides a cost-effective solution for managing workers’ compensation expenses. By joining the Group Retro Plan, nonprofits in Washington State can benefit from substantial savings while accessing expert guidance and support from our team.


What is the Retrospective Rating Program?

The Retrospective Rating Program, also known as the Group Retro Plan at 501(c) Services, is an elective program the Washington Department of L&I provides as an incentive initiative. Its primary objective is to assist employers in earning a partial refund of their L&I premiums by effectively managing workers’ compensation claim costs and preventing workplace injuries. The Retro Program also allows eligible employers to participate and take advantage of potential cost savings.

The 501(c) Agencies’ Labor and Industries Trust has participated in this program since 1991. Over the years, the Trust members have experienced significant savings, with an average of 15% reduction in their L&I premiums. The accumulated savings through this program have amounted to nearly $25 million, which has been returned to nonprofit organizations associated with the Trust.

Who Can Participate in the 501(c) Agencies’ Labor and Industries Trust?

Employers can qualify for a partial refund of their L&I premiums by actively controlling and minimizing workers’ compensation claim costs. This refund is an incentive and helps reduce the financial burden associated with workers’ compensation coverage.

Retro Plan Benefits

The Group Retro Plan at 501(c) Services offers a range of benefits to employers, including:

Discounts on L&I premiums
Lower claim costs
Return to work assistance
Safer work environment
Below-average experience factor
Discounts on L&I premiums
On-demand updates
Claims management
Education and training
Record of address for L&I correspondence

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