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501(c) Unemployment Assist

Optimize Your Unemployment Insurance Claims

With our unemployment outsourcing program, 501(c) Unemployment Assist, you can keep your unemployment insurance claims to a minimum. Using our knowledge and experience, nonprofits can save time and money while improving their ability to hire, manage, and separate from employees.

Our program is designed to help nonprofits proactively manage unemployment claims and reduce the likelihood of claims being filed. By keeping your unemployment payouts low, you can gradually reduce your unemployment insurance tax rate over time, ultimately reducing business costs. 501(c) Unemployment Assist provides nonprofits with the tools and resources they need to effectively manage their unemployment insurance needs.


Unemployment Cost Management

At the core of our all-inclusive approach is supporting your HR department. We aim to reduce the amount of unemployment benefits charged to your organization, streamlining your processes. Our education and resources help you reduce and avoid costly employee separations.

In the event of a separation, our services include evaluating and protesting any unemployment insurance claims you receive, then quickly assisting your former employee in finding their next position. Additionally, we audit your charge statements to ensure there are no errors made by the state.

501(c) Unemployment Assist Program Benefits

Effectively managing and tracking unemployment insurance claims can be challenging. Poorly handled unemployment insurance claims can lead to increased costs of doing business over time. Our clients benefit from our expert services, including:

A dedicated claims manager
Unlimited access to hearing representatives
Access to an industry-leading management app
Reemployment services for separated employees
Unlimited assistance from senior HR professionals
Up-to-date employee management training for HR staff and other supervisors
Industry-leading background and identity services
Talent acquisition services

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