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Weiser Innovations and 501(c) Services partner

By October 5, 2020February 27th, 2024No Comments

501(c) Services is proud to announce a partnership with Weiser Innovations (Weiser), an innovative talent acquisition firm with deep roots in the nonprofit sector. Weiser sees talent acquisition as the proper long-term strategy behind hiring that coordinates with a nonprofit’s overall mission. They understand that nonprofits may need entire talent acquisition strategies or merely support for individual efforts. Therefore, they create customized solutions to meet each employer’s needs.

“We are always looking for additional services to benefit our unemployment and HR customers,” said Sonya Llewellyn, Director of Program Development at 501(c) Services. “Most nonprofit employers can benefit from talent acquisition services that are customized to their needs. Weiser provides that capability for our clients at a very competitive rate.”

Weiser leverages their expertise to create a robust and sophisticated talent acquisition function and team for employers. Whether your needs are strategy, training, projects, or support, they are focused on making the hiring process as efficient and effective as possible. Through this partnership, customers of 501(c) Services will receive heavily discounted pricing for talent acquisition services including training and strategy planning.

“Effective talent acquisition is not only the foundation for a strong, successful internal culture but also for achieving the organizational mission,” said Benjamin Freedman, CEO of Weiser. “We understand the unique needs of nonprofits when it comes to hiring. This new partnership with 501(c) allows us to further help thousands of nonprofit nationwide.”

501(c) Services’ customers will access their new talent acquisition benefits through the organization’s 501(c) HR Services. HR Services is a confidential resource—not a call center—available to help walk nonprofit organizations through difficult personnel issues. The program currently serves more than 2,500 nonprofits across the nation.

For more information about Weiser Innovations, visit them online.

To discuss your talent acquisition concerns and needs, contact HR services at any time.


501(c) Services, a 100% employee owned organization, has nearly 40 years of experience in providing full-service unemployment insurance outsourcing, and provides services to over 2,500 nonprofits nationally. We administer 501(c) Agencies Trust, which offers a comprehensive suite of risk management services and multiple stop-loss protection solutions for its 501(c)(3) nonprofit members, and UInsure*, a first dollar unemployment insurance program for 501(c)(3)s, government entities, and tribally owned businesses. We also operate 501(c) HR Services – a confidential resource available to help walk nonprofits through difficult personnel issues. Visit us at

*UInsure is not available in all states.

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