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Tips to Lessen Claim Exposure

By January 3, 2024January 11th, 2024No Comments

Claims Impacts On Your Bottom Line

It is often discussed how to reduce the risk and exposure associated with a termination or quit, how to properly handle an initial claim request, and what to expect at a hearing. These are all extremely important aspects of the unemployment process and help keep your liability low, if handled appropriately.

Did you know that each claim can impact the bottom line of your organization? The administrative side of managing claims effectively through proper documentation, responding to requests timely, and attending hearings is just a small part of the overall impact on your organization.

Tips to Lessen Your Exposure

Review job performance early.

  • This lessens the amount of wages paid to the individual, which benefits your organization not only when determining chargeability for a claim but also when calculating taxable payroll.
  • Best practice is to take the time during the first few weeks/months (and ongoing) to determine if the employee is meeting the needs of your business to reduce your tax impact.

Don’t leave money on the table.

  • While there may be instances where you do not want to protest a claim due to sensitive reasons, it is important to protest as many claims as possible.
  • Your unemployment claims manager is a valuable resource to help you determine which claims are most beneficial to protest, which hearings to attend, and so much more!

It is important to continually monitor your unemployment claims activity and address any patterns of failure. Unemployment claims activity can be viewed in the SHIELD online claim portal (for Trust members) where you can also discuss claims with your dedicated unemployment claims manager to ensure we take appropriate action.

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The information contained in this article is not a substitute for legal advice or counsel and has been pulled from multiple sources. Some information was provided by our friend, Michele Heckmann, Director of Customer Insights, at Thomas & Company.

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