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SilkRoad, a talent management software company, has recently released their “2017 State of Talent” report. The report provides analysis of the issues that are currently concerning HR professionals, forecasting the top talent activation trends in 2017, and examining HR’s role in moving beyond activities to creating an employee journey that attracts, motivates and connects to employee results.

Report findings were derived from more than 1,300 responses to surveys targeting HR professionals. SilkRoad says that 2017 will be the year HR refocuses away from processes and transactions toward employee experiences.

SilkRoad believes their latest report has uncovered five talent trends:

  1. Companies will take a deeper look at how to engage the hearts and minds of employees from recruiting and onboarding through retirement. By exploring how to present the employer brand and culture in the most compelling way, companies will gain a competitive advantage in both attracting candidates and retaining employees.
  2. Companies move beyond talent management, exciting employees, engaging their interests and motivating around goals. Themes in this year’s report indicate significant issues with engagement, and it’s time for a new approach. By enhancing experiences, HR professionals gain an opportunity to go beyond engagement and “activate” employees with a highly proactive approach.
  3. Agile performance management will blend with traditional programs. While traditional performance management programs remain deeply embedded in many companies, interest continues to grow in creating a more fluid and immediate process. Expect to see more frequent conversations, real-time feedback and team-based conversations.
  4. The workforce will align with business outcomes. The exploration and analysis of the candidate and employee experience will uncover key connection points between the workforce and company goals. By formally assessing “experiences,” HR will find the best moments for strategic connections to impact business results.
  5. “Appification” will help HR teams build solutions that best meet their needs. As “app-based” solutions become more available, companies will be able to pick and choose from smaller apps to build what works best for the organization, including easy connections for custom-built micro apps.

“2017 stands to become a significant turning point for how organizations think about and engage with employees,” said John Westby, VP of Corporate Marketing at SilkRoad. “We can go beyond automating HR functions to activating employees through engaging employee experiences and agile approaches to performance management. An emphasis on employees defining their own career paths will assist organizations in enabling each employee to positively impact business outcomes.”

Below is an inforgraphic designed to accompany the report.

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