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According to a new study, 41 percent of U.S. employees are “always looking for the next job opportunity.” The study was conducted by ManpowerGroup Solutions, part of ManpowerGroup. Manpower refers to these types of employees as “continuous candidates.”

Source: Manpower Group

Source: Manpower Group

“Looking at Millennials and Gen Y, our research shows that it is the older Millennials – with more work experience – who are most likely to be habitually looking for jobs,” said Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Global RPO President. “In organizations where employers are not meeting their candidates’ expectations or aspirations for advancement, that is where individuals will be more likely to always be looking out for their next opportunity.”

The continuous job-hopping of one part of the workforce can be linked to several factors:

  1. New ways of getting work done are emerging in the United States more than anywhere else. The popularity and visibility of the “gig economy” with companies like Uber and TaskRabbit are redefining how people work.
  2. Tech firms have also led the way on contract employment worldwide. Because they are the organizations with fastest changing skills requirements, using contractors allows them to not rely on skills within the organization that may become obsolete.
  3. Layoffs and job losses experienced in the wake of the recession sent the message to young and old alike that job security is not necessarily guaranteed.

“Companies need to create a culture that people don’t want to leave – branding and trust are critical components of this,” said Sarah Peiker, Head of RPO Practice, ManpowerGroup Solutions Europe. “Employers are going to have to become an employer of choice.”

You can read ManpowerGroup’s complete report here.

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