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A new edition of the annual report Nonprofit Salaries, Staffing & Trends reveals 56% of the organizations surveyed reported growth in programs and services in 2016. The report also reveals sector growth based on confidence in the continuing financial and public support for nonprofit institutions was at an all-time high over the same time period.

The report is the annual product of PNP Staffing Group, a firm that provides a full suite of staffing services exclusively for the nonprofit, association and social good sector.

The report shows the effects and implications of the steadily growing and transformative presence of Millennials in the sector, many of whom are now in leadership roles. This generational shift is having a profound effect on staff recruiting and retention priorities, policies and practices.

“Nonprofits need to invest in staff training and professional development, a continuing trend not only because of the impact of Millennials in the workplace, but to keep talented staff from leaving,” says PNP Executive VP Ira Madin. Fundraising, competitive salaries, and employee development are the top three organizational priorities for 2017.

Another finding of the report is that the number of staff increased in 2016 in over half of the survey’s respondents. Nonprofit staff salaries also rose, with 83% raising salaries at least by a cost-of-living percentage. Staff benefits stayed fairly constant for most organizations, with only 24% reporting that they increased benefits in 2016.

As opportunities for employment have increased, competition for talent has also grown. Over 80% of the nonprofits surveyed acknowledged that they are addressing issues of overall job satisfaction internally, as well as the need to be seen as an attractive work environment externally.

PNP Staffing Group CEO, Gayle Brandel, says, “The days of unattractive work environments, too much internal chaos, not enough pay, and grueling schedules no longer give an organization a competitive presence in the talent marketplace.”

More than 1,500 nonprofit organizations participated in the salary survey. Salaries for 42 positions are reflected for five different organizational budget sizes.

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