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501(c) Agencies Trust Members Included in New York’s Nonprofit Power 100

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At 501(c) Services, we are proud to have exceptional leaders at the helm of our 501(c) Agencies Trust (Trust) member organizations. Three of these remarkable Trust members have received recognition from City & State New York as part of the esteemed Nonprofit Power 100. Each year, City & State New York and NYN Media curate a list featuring the most influential and impactful nonprofit leaders, contributing to the betterment of life in New York. These 100 individuals, forward-thinking and trailblazing, lead efforts on both large and small scales, all for the greater good of society and the advancement of New York.

Janelle Ferris, Executive Director, Brooklyn Community Services

Leading this distinguished list of Trust members is Janelle Ferris, the Executive Director and President of Brooklyn Community Services (BCS). With two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, Janelle is a champion of human services and social justice. Her academic credentials include a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University, a postmaster certificate in organizational development from The New School, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology from Spelman College. Originally from the West Coast, Janelle now calls Brooklyn home, tending to her urban garden and exploring the world.

BCS has been a member of the 501(c) Agencies Trust since 1997. Since 1866, BCS has worked in neighborhoods impacted by systemic poverty. Today, they continue to strengthen communities by fostering the educational success of children, the leadership development of youth, the employment and housing stability of adults, the advancement of individuals living with disabilities, and the empowerment of seniors and families. Their work is rooted in the struggle for social justice and through action and advocacy. BCS continues to shine a light on barriers that perpetuate inequitable systems as a part of the collective effort to ignite change.

Cal Hedigan, CEO, Community Access

Cal Hedigan, the first female Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Community Access, has achieved much in her tenure. Cal has dedicated her career to creating environments where people living with mental health concerns can live with dignity, access connection and community, and find allies who will support them in their journeys.

Community Access, a nonprofit based in Manhattan, has been a member of 501(c) Agencies Trust since 2009. They provide housing and supportive services to New Yorkers living with mental health conditions.  Community Access has been serving the community for nearly 50 years and has spearheaded campaigns to address issues related to mental health, housing, and homelessness in New York. Cal has dedicated over 20 years to this cause, drawing inspiration from the unwavering dedication of staff in assisting tenants and program participants.

Leslie Gordon, CEO, Food Bank for New York City

Leading the charge at the Food Bank for New York City is President and CEO Leslie Gordon. Leslie assumed her role during the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling the annual food output in less than 18 months. Prior to her current position, she served as President and CEO of Feeding Westchester. Throughout her career, Leslie has been a tireless champion against hunger and an advocate for disadvantaged individuals, consistently demonstrating a track record of increased efficiency and reduced food waste. Beyond addressing food security, she has partnered with health organizations and Fortune 500 companies to combat diet-related diseases and initiate global corporate social responsibility programs.

Food Bank For New York City has been working to end food poverty in the five boroughs since 1983. They’ve been a member of the Trust since 1999. As the city’s largest hunger-relief organization, they employ a multifaceted approach centered on helping low-income New Yorkers overcome their circumstances and achieve greater independence.

These three outstanding leaders serve as a shining example of why we, at 501(c) Services, are passionate about what we do. We provide support to nonprofits, both large and small, offering essential Human Resource (HR) and unemployment reimbursement services. If you require assistance with unemployment or HR services, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we would be delighted to assist you. For four decades, 501(c) Services has been working alongside nonprofits, aiding them in achieving their missions and improving their financial health. The formula is simple: more financial support translates to the ability to serve more people, and we, at 501(c) Services, are here to make it happen.

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