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New York announced the launch of a new website – – which is supposed to enhance the relationship between New York State government and nonprofit organizations. The website will contain all of New York’s information impacting the nonprofit sector and is designed to streamline the myriad interactions between the two sectors.

“This website realizes the governor’s commitment to strengthen the working relationship between the nonprofit sector and New York State agencies,” Fran Barrett, interagency coordinator for not-for-profit services in the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, told The Nonprofit Times. “We want our nonprofit partners to have easy access to all the information, news and guidance that will help them best serve New Yorkers.”

The new website’s creators believe it will reinforce relationships between the State and its nonprofit vendors and strengthen the nonprofit sector so that its organizations are better positioned to carry out their missions.

Features of include:

  • A step-by-step guide to help New Yorkers establish a nonprofit organization, including how to file for tax exemptions and links to the appropriate forms and instructions.  
  • Instructions for nonprofits to prequalify for State grants. The Grants Gateway system allows nonprofits to complete many of the administrative tasks prior to the application process and also ensures that the State is partnering with qualified, responsible nonprofit organizations.  
  • Information on new State initiatives, such as the $100 million in total funding for the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program. 
  • A news portal where nonprofits can find the latest updates and guidance on issues of vital importance.

New York’s 100,000 nonprofit organizations account for more than 18 percent of all private sector jobs in New York State, employing more than 1.25 million. Nonprofits do vital work on more than 6,000 State contracts.

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