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Maximizing Your Career Page

By April 7, 2023July 14th, 2023No Comments

Your website’s career page is one of the most important tools in attracting potential talent to your organization. In the nearly 500 nonprofit organization careers sections I have viewed recently, I have come across a few common areas of improvement that most organizations could benefit from exploring. Here are three tips for maximizing your career page’s potential.

Make it easy to find

Far too often I find myself hunting for an organization’s career section. Is it buried somewhere in “About Us”? Perhaps down at the very bottom, hiding in a small font in the website footer? The more clicks it takes to get to your careers page, the more potential candidates you lose. Instead, add a career link directly to your primary navigation bar at the top of your site. Also, consider featuring the career section directly on your homepage, giving it its own section of content that’s easily accessible.

Tell your story

Employer branding becomes increasingly important in this market as organizations strive to stand out among their competitors. A career page should highlight your mission, values, and culture and showcase what it is like to work for your organization. Video has become a must-have storytelling tool. Include video testimonials from employees or create a video that gives potential candidates an inside look into working at your organization. Cross-promote your career page and open roles on social media and encourage current employees to share as well.

Audit your application process

By now a job seeker has easily navigated to your career page and is excited by what they read about your organization’s culture. How do they apply? A lengthy and redundant job application process can be the biggest deterrent to potential candidates. Try to end the requirement that candidates must re-enter their work history that is already detailed in the resume that they are submitting. Low-cost or even free Applicant Tracking System technology can capture the information you need directly from the resume, eliminating redundancies and streamlining recruiting processes.

It is challenging enough just to get noticed and compete for talent these days. Make it easier for both your organization and potential job seekers by cutting out the unnecessary obstacles along the applicant journey. Focusing on creating a great candidate experience right from the start will set you apart, and up for success.

Benjamin Freedman is the CEO of Weiser Innovations. Weiser is an innovative talent acquisition firm with deep roots in the nonprofit sector and partners with 501 to provide talent acquisition assistance to its 3,000 nonprofit clients. Contact us today for talent acquisition assistance.

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