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By October 26, 2016No Comments

A new edition to the interesting annual report What Keeps HR Up At Night?, produced by SilkRoad, has been released. The report examines perspectives, challenges and concerns of HR professionals and reveals the top nightmares in many HR functions including talent management and retention. 

Here are some of the better highlights of the report:

  • 33% of HR professionals are concerned with connecting employees to company goals, and 51% report anxiety toward motivating employees about company goals; yet 56% have no annual process that links experience to goals
  • HR technology doesn’t address the complete needs of HR pros; 39% use disconnected systems and data; 37% lack data and analytics capabilities to gain a “big picture” of company talent; 35% still manually compile data for reports and key metrics
  • Many HR pros expressed concern related to creating experiences and programs that engage employees across several HR specialties, including learning (57%) and performance management (46%)

“Employees crave a clear understanding of how their role and efforts impact business outcomes and the bottom line; this report shows that HR pros want to offer that kind of insight but lack the ability to do so,” said Jimmy Hodson, product marketing manager at SilkRoad. “As [organizations] move from talent management to talent activation to drive better outcomes, HR pros need the necessary tools to effectively transform employee engagement into a measurable continuum of experiences. Without the right pieces in place, HR pros will continue to face sleepless nights while perpetuating the HR silo.”

The full report, which includes the top concerns of HR professionals, the most common worries about employee experiences and a flurry of other HR concerns spurring sleepless nights for a wide range of organizations, can be downloaded here. 

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