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Easterseals Northern California begins work with 501(c) Services

By April 3, 2023April 24th, 2023No Comments

We are pleased to announce that Easterseals Northern California has decided to outsource the management of their unemployment to 501(c) Services. With state unemployment insurance taxes (SUTA) increasing in dozens of states nationwide, now is an excellent time to consider alternatives. Reimbursing unemployment and outsourcing the process to seasoned professionals guarantees compliance and accuracy while minimizing risk and expense.

Easterseals Northern California (also known as Catalight) joins other nonprofits, like themselves, as part of 501(c) Agencies Trust – a group of SUTA reimbursers. 501(c) Agencies Trust participants each have a customized plan uniquely designed to be the best fit for their organization. They enjoy a robust suite of additional services that support their human resource and financial functions.

Catalight, through the work of their affiliate partners, Easterseals Northern California and Easterseals Hawaii, provides services to people with disabilities and their families to support them across their care journey.

Please let us know if you would like to see if we can show you alternatives to managing your unemployment. Just like Catalight!

About Us

501(c) Services has more than 40 years of experience providing full-service unemployment management programs. Some of our programs are 501(c) Agencies Trust and 501(c) HR Services. Please contact us today to see if your organization would benefit from our services.

(Image Credit: Catalight Foundation)

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