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COVID-19 state unemployment insurance changes are fluid

By March 19, 2020April 13th, 2021No Comments

At this time, most states are experiencing an increase in unemployment claims due to the COVID-19; however in many cases they have not yet issued specific direction on claims based on disruptions caused by the pandemic. The situation is very fluid. Based on what we know currently, state unemployment agencies are considering rule changes which may waive certain claim filing or weekly certification requirements as well as charging rules.

501(c) Services will continue to monitor and review any new information released by the states. We have created the quick reference grid below and will update is as we get new information.

We encourage organizations to continue to follow your existing processes managing separations and unemployment claims. As always, you should not advise any employee on whether or not to file an unemployment claim. You can make the employee aware of their right to file claims, and if desired, provide them with information using the links on the grid that could help them expedite that process. State agencies will continue to adjudicate claims based upon the facts of each particular separation and the regulations of that particular state, and will adjust as changes to those regulations are made.

State / Filing Website Waiting Week Waived? Work Search Waived? General UI Agency Website
Alabama Y Click here
Alaska Click here
Arizona Y Y Click here
Arkansas Y Click here
California Y Click here
Colorado N Click here
Connecticut Not applicable Click here
Delaware Click here
DC Click here
Florida Click here
Georgia Not applicable Click here
Hawaii Click here
Idaho Click here
Illinois Y Click here
Indiana N Click here
Iowa Not applicable Y Click here
Kansas Y Y Click here
Kentucky Y Click here
Louisiana Y Y Click here
Maine Y Y Click here
Maryland Not applicable Click here
Massachusetts Click here
Michigan Not applicable Y Click here
Minnesota Y N Click here
Mississippi Not applicable Click here
Missouri Y – 8-week max Click here
Montana Y Click here
Nebraska Y Y Click here
Nevada Not applicable Click here
New Hampshire Y Click here
New Jersey Not applicable Y – 8-week max Click here
New Mexico N Y – 4-week max Click here
New York Y N Click here
North Carolina Y Y Click here
North Dakota N Click here
Ohio Y Click here
Oklahoma Click here
Oregon Not applicable Y – 4-week max Click here
Pennsylvania Y Y Click here
Rhode Island Y Click here
South Carolina Click here
South Dakota Y – 10-week max Click here
Tennessee Y N Click here
Texas Y Y Click here
Utah Click here
Vermont Not applicable Y – 10-week max Click here
Virginia Y Click here
Washington Y Click here
West Virginia Click here
Wisconsin N Y Click here
Wyoming Not applicable Click here

Our friends at EWS have helped us compile this information.

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