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CISC enjoys nearly 40 year partnership with 501(c) Services

By May 1, 2022June 8th, 2022No Comments

501(c) Services (501) recently visited the Chinese Information & Service Center (CISC) in Seattle, Washington to discuss our nearly 40 years of working together to help immigrants throughout King County achieve success in their new community by providing information, advocacy, social, and support services.

CISC decided to outsource the management of their unemployment to 501(c) Services in 1986. CISC is a member of 501’s largest unemployment program – the 501(c) Agencies Trust. The Trust is a group of state unemployment insurance (SUI) reimbursors who each have a customized plan uniquely designed to best fit their organization and enjoy a robust suite of additional services that support their human resource and financial functions.

Thank you to the team at CISC for allowing us to help them achieve their mission for the past 36 years!


501(c) Services has 40 years of experience providing full-service unemployment management programs. Some of the programs we administer are 501(c) Agencies Trust and 501(c) HR Services. To see if your organization would benefit from our services, please contact us today.

(Image credit: CISC)

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