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Monday, June 27, 2016 at 12 Noon Eastern

Performance reviews of nonprofit employees can be very successful if they are conducted correctly, efficiently and regularly. If reviews are conducted incorrectly, they can create massive organizational problems by making employee development inconsistent and appropriate performance documentation lacking.

By attending this webcast, you will learn about current processes that reduce the unpleasant, inconsistent, counterproductive results of employee reviews.

Speakers: Sonya Llewellyn, Associate Director, HR Services at 501(c) Services; Van Solkov, Director of Marketing at; Virginia Clark, Human Resources Manager at Centerforce

HRCI credits: 1.00 hour(s)


To register for the live and on-demand versions of this webcast, CLICK HERE.

The on-demand version of this webcast will be available 2 hours after the live session. Attendees that cannot make the June 27th live webcast at 12:00 PM EASTERN should register now and then attend as time allows.

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