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Unlocking Reemployment Potential with NextJob Training

By January 30, 2024January 31st, 2024No Comments

In today’s dynamic job market, it is crucial to provide terminated employees with the necessary tools for a quick re-entry into the workforce. The NextJob Training, available to Trust members, has recently undergone substantial updates, featuring refreshed content and a streamlined user interface. With their award-winning coaches and incorporating a weekly webinar series, NextJob has become a potent resource for both individuals seeking employment and organizations aiming to cut down on unemployment costs.

The NextJob Training features are designed to streamline the job search process and facilitate a seamless return to work.

Overview of NextJob Training Features:

  1. Comprehensive Job Search System – Workshops, tools, and insights for effective job hunting.
  1. Intuitive Learning Dashboard – Centralized resources and progress tracking for a user-friendly experience.
  1. Personalized Learning Plans and Goals – Tailor your learning journey and set goals aligned with your career aspirations.
  1. Career Direction Guidance – Assistance in determining and pursuing the right career path.
  1. Personality Assessment Tool – Understand your strengths and preferences in the job market.
  1. Effective Resume Building – Step-by-step guidance and a user-friendly resume builder.
  1. Navigating the Job Market – Strategies for success in the visible and hidden job markets.
  1. Mastering Interviews – Comprehensive resources and a mock interview tool for honing interview skills.
  1. Post-Employment Support – Strategies for achieving success in a new job.

NextJob Training stands as a strategic partner in facilitating a swift and efficient return to work. The recent updates reflect our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that truly make a difference for both individuals and organizations.

Join us on an informative journey during our upcoming webinar on March 20, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. PST, where we delve into the numerous advantages that NextJob can offer. Discover firsthand how this tool not only minimizes unemployment costs but also transforms workforce development, ultimately playing a pivotal role in your organization’s success.

Explore our online training system by visiting and entering the demo account code: 501trynextjob.

NextJob’s Service

The Trust has partnered with NextJob to provide the right help – outplacement support to get your employees back to work quickly. This service is complimentary for Trust members and NextJob has designed different job search packages with three powerful elements of the right help in mind; career coaching, online job search learning tools, and web-based job clubs.


By helping your employees land new jobs, members can:

  • Manage Employment and Unemployment Claims – You can avoid angry employment claims by helping workers look to their next employer instead of back at their last one. By returning your employees to work faster, you can shorten unemployment claims and impact your bottom line.
  • Protect Your Brand and Community Goodwill – Providing outplacement assistance communicates powerfully to local communities whose members are often important stakeholders and supporters of a nonprofit organization. Surveys indicate that 95% of employees feel better about employers who provide our outplacement services.
  • Preserve Morale and Reduce Stress – You can maintain the morale and productivity of your remaining workforce and decrease stress for your management in a difficult time.

Remember, this is a no-cost benefit for Trust members.

The 501(c) Agencies Trust offers members complimentary reemployment coaching packages, through NextJob, to help your laid-off employees land jobs much more quickly. Contact us for more information on job search packages.

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