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State Unemployment Tax Rate Notices

By September 18, 2020No Comments

Below are samples of state unemployment insurance tax rate notices. If you do not see a state that you would like to have a sample for, please contact us.


State Tax Rate or Contribution Notice
Alabama UC-216, Tax Rate Notice 
Alaska TR02A, Contribution Rate Notice
Arizona UC 603, Determination of Unemployment Tax Rate
California DE 2088, Notice of Contribution Rates
Colorado UITR-7, Notice of Employer’s Tax Rate
Connecticut UC-54A, Statement of Experience Account & New Contribution Rate
Delaware SP43BR, Notice of Unemployment Insurance Assessment Rate
DC UC-632, Contribution Rate Notice
Florida UCT-20, Unemployment Compensation Tax Rate Notice
Georgia DOL-626, Employer Tax Rate Notice
Hawaii UC-DP-30, Contribution Rate Notice for Calendar Year
Idaho TAX011, Notice of Taxable Wage Rate
Illinois UI-5B, Contribution Rate Determination
Indiana 1075, Merit Rate Notice
Iowa 65-5306, Notice of Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate
Kansas K-CNS-404, Experience Rating Notice
Kentucky UI-29, Notice of Contribution Rate
Louisiana LDOL-ES-105-1, Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate
Maine ME TAX-13, Notice of Contribution Rate
Maryland DLLR/OUI 64, Experience Rate Notice
Massachusetts 9701, Notice of Employer’s Unemployment Insurance Rate
Michigan UA-1771, Tax Rate Determination
Minnesota 102-002, Unemployment Insurance Rate Determination
Mississippi EXR-8B, Employers Unemployment Tax Rate
Missouri MODES 527, Employers Experience Rating Statement & Notice
Montana UI-273, Notice of Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates
Nebraska UI128V, Voluntary Combined Tax Report
Nevada NUCS-4291, Notice of Employers Contribution Rates
New Hampshire NHUS-1026, Tax Rate Determination
New Jersey AC-174.1, Notice of Employer Contribution Rates
New Mexico ES-952, Notice of Employer Contribution Rate
New York IA-97, Notice of Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate
North Carolina NCUI-104, Unemployment Tax Rate Assignment
North Dakota JTA43J, Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate & Taxable Wage
Ohio JFS-66208, Contribution Rate Determination
Oklahoma OES-48, Notice of Employer’s Contribution Rate
Oregon 238, Notice of Tax Rate Change
Pennsylvania UC-657, Contribution Rate Notice
Rhode Island DET-EA 101, Notice of Tax Rate
South Carolina E104M, Notice of Contribution Rate
South Dakota DOL-UID-45A, Contribution and Investment Fee Rate Notice
Tennessee LB-0482, Notice of Employer’s Premium Rate
Texas C22U95, Tax Rate Notice
Utah DWS-UI-45, Contribution Rate Notice
Vermont C-119, Contribution Rate Notice
Virginia T-RAT-001, Tax Rate Notice
Washington EMS-174, Tax Rate Notice
West Virginia WVUC-MR-7, Notice of Contribution
Wisconsin UCT-1008, Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate Notice
Wyoming WY0-26, Official Notice of Tax Rate for Calendar Year
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