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Intelligent by Design: Getting to Know Your SHIELD Claims Portal

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SHIELD is the most secure, intuitive, and efficient communication platform for unemployment claims management. Developed around the simple idea that our clients should get the best outcomes from their unemployment program while minimizing the amount of time necessary to do so. Saving your company time and eliminating costly liabilities while ensuring your employees’ personal data is safe and secure.

As with all technology, SHIELD is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest changes in the tech world, adapting, and always improving. And for those who have not yet transitioned to the platform, we welcome you to the world of SHIELD and all it offers.

SHIELD Features

SHIELD includes an abundance of features and functionality – both permanent and optional – to create an unemployment communication platform that enables the success of our Trust Members while remaining flexible to their needs.


SHIELD provides a variety of notification options to ensure you can choose a frequency and type that best fits your users’ needs. Notifications are customizable on an individual user basis.

  • Primary – Instant email notifications on all unemployment items sent to SHIELD within their scope.
  • Secondary – Instant email notifications on reminders only. SHIELD sends reminders 48 hours before the due date.
  • Primary Digest Discussion – One daily email notification that includes any new items pushed to SHIELD in addition to open items with urgent due dates (due within 48 hours).

Reporting and Compliance

We know that reporting can provide important insight into your unemployment program. There may be times when it would be beneficial to export data from your queue to use for other business purposes. SHIELD provides the ability to export any of your queues into Excel or CSV format. You can then filter exported data according to a variety of different categories. Your unemployment claims manager can customize the data available in the export based on your company’s needs.

Discussion Board

SHIELD’s discussion board allows you to communicate directly with your assigned analyst on any unemployment item. All discussions are saved and viewable through SHIELD, providing a history of your conversation.

New discussions will be communicated via email to all relevant users and also shown via the message icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site.


The delegation feature allows permanent SHIELD users to send unemployment items to another individual to complete on their behalf.

Permanent users can send unemployment items to delegates with or without a permanent SHIELD account. Those without permanent SHIELD access will have temporary access to the platform and will only have access to the unemployment items specifically delegated to them. Access will expire shortly after the deadline of the relevant item and will be automatically removed with no further action needed from the permanent user.

For those users with permanent SHIELD access, delegation allows them to receive, review, and submit unemployment items outside of their permanent scope. These permanent users will now have temporary access to any delegated items in addition to all of their permanent items. Their access to any delegated item(s) will automatically be removed shortly after the deadline of the item(s) with no further action needed.

Smart Push

Advanced SHIELD functionality includes the ability for your unemployment claims manager to process certain claims with approved termination codes without reaching out for additional information. Created based on state requirements, your unemployment claims manager can provide a listing of available termination codes for this process to allow you and your team to review and confirm which termination reasons you would like your unemployment claims manager to handle based on your unique company preferences. Once approved, all relevant codes (as received on the data file feed) will be processed by your unemployment claims manager, further removing the administrative burden from the SHIELD claims process.


For more than 40 years, 501(c) Services has been a leader in offering solutions for unemployment costs, claims management, and HR support to nonprofit organizations. Two of our most popular programs are the 501(c) Agencies Trust and 501(c) HR Services. We understand the importance of compliance and accuracy and are committed to providing our clients with customized plans that fit their needs.

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This information has been provided by our friends at Thomas & Company.

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