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How do I know if a candidate is being honest in the interview?

By June 3, 2021June 30th, 2021No Comments

Typically, a lie detector is not part of an interview process. However, we do want to make sure the candidates we hire are honestly representing their skills, abilities, and experience. Here are a few tips that can be used in the interview process:

Focus on the details:

  • Are their answers vague or lacking a level of depth typical for someone at that level?
  • Do they speak about the team’s accomplishments as opposed to their accomplishments?
  • Do they try to change the subject and speak to something other than what is being asked?
  • Are they asking questions that anyone at a certain level would know and understand?

Run a background check:

  • Does the background check verify timelines?
    • This can be for employment, education, or where they lived.
  • Does it contradict something on the application?
    • For example, criminal behavior or convictions.
  • Are reference comments aligning with candidates?
    • Such as, job title, length of employment, or work they performed.

Hold an audition:

  • Is the candidate able to complete an activity representative of a core function of the job?
  • Can they explain the process and demonstrate how they achieved an outcome?
  • Are they able to work through a “curveball” in the process?

Additionally, when speaking about the organization, speak to honesty and integrity as operating principals. Speak to employee ownership of mistakes and how they are handled on your team or in the organization as a whole. Also, know that these tips are not 100% but rather a guide.

Finally, I would caution against the interpretation of physical responses to situations as a sign of dishonesty. For example, not making eye contact maybe a cultural norm for the candidate, or they may have an undisclosed, hidden disability that causes them to tic, blush, or flinch in a way that can be misinterpreted.

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