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Engaging Volunteer Leaders

By June 4, 2021June 30th, 2021No Comments

Sterling Volunteers has just released an insightful eToolkit on Engaging Volunteer Leaders. This eToolkit articulates the benefits of engaging volunteer leaders and assessing needs and traits to help identify new potential leader positions.

Effectively empowering volunteers as leaders may require overcoming resistance from colleagues, more thoughtful work planning, garnering sufficient resources to train and support the volunteer leaders, honing delegation skills, and investing in their leadership development.

This guide features tools that are important to add to any volunteer engagement professional’s tool belt. They are designed to enhance—not replace—existing volunteer engagement practices. In particular, use these tools when seeking to tap the potential of volunteer leaders.

Download this eToolkit for case studies and strategies for success, along with helpful tools to:

  • Advocate for volunteer leaders by reducing barriers
  • Identify needs and plan the work
  • Delegate the work and support volunteer leaders to success
  • Develop current and future leaders.

A special thanks to Sterling Volunteers’ guest author Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies.

501(c) Services and Sterling Volunteers have partnered to help create safer environments via secure, quality and compliant background checks. Through this partnership, we can help your organization onboard trustworthy staff and volunteers, while reducing screening costs and providing peace of mind – enabling you to make a greater and positive impact within your community. Contact Sterling for more information.

Sterling Volunteers, the dedicated nonprofit and service sector unit of Sterling, a global leader in background and identity services and accredited member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), is committed to global safety and helping organizations establish quality, compliant background screening programs for both employees and volunteers.

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