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Benefits Corner: Talent Acquisition

By November 6, 2020November 9th, 2020No Comments

The Importance of a Positive Job Seeker Experience

We have all heard stories of “job seeker ghosting”. Applicants/Candidates are not followed up with during the hiring process and in some cases never even know if their application is received. There are many reasons for this silence on the part of the potential employer, but often it is nothing more than a lack of capacity. That does not excuse it. Would a potential member, donor or partner receive the same treatment? The answer is probably not.

When people apply to work for your organization, it is important to understand the magnitude of what is happening. These applicants are not only job seekers but organizational advocates, potential members, potential donors and potential volunteers. They can be the best advertisers for your organization. When someone applies for a job with your organization, they do so not only for economic or professional reasons, but also and perhaps more importantly, they want to work to achieve your mission! That underlying motivation is never something that should be taken for granted or neglected. A good applicant/candidate experience can have extremely positive effects – even if the candidate is never hired. It is an entry point for deeper engagement with the person applying and ultimately the people they know. When thinking about the hiring process, remember the people involved and the value they can add for your organization holistically.

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