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501(c) Services ends contract with Equifax

By August 4, 2021August 16th, 2021No Comments

Today, 501(c) Services – administrator of the 501(c) Agencies Trust, the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan, UInsure and 501(c) Unemployment Assist – is announcing a new partnership with Thomas & Company for the unemployment claims processing of our customers across all platforms. This new partnership will end 501’s long-standing relationship with Equifax Workforce Solutions. 

Thomas & Company (T&C) is a privately owned unemployment cost control provider based in Nashville, TN. Their unemployment claims handling experience stretches nearly 30 years and their dedication to a personalized service approach exemplifies the type of service 501(c) Services (501) strives to provide for all its customers. 

The decision to change claims service providers was not made hastily. After careful consideration and in consultation with key stakeholders, including the 501(c) Agencies Trust Board, it was determined that partnering with T&C will provide our member agencies the high level of quality and service that we believe is expected. The partnership with T&C is designed to improve the customer service and technological abilities of the 501 now and into the future. 

What will change for Members? 

Not much. The general process for how you handle unemployment claims will not change. The primary changes will be a technology platform migration as well as new and more customer service assistance for 501 members. 

How will the technology migration affect my organization? 

It is our goal to make the technology transition as seamless as possible. Members will be phased in over the next five (5) months (usually by state of operation) to allow for dedicated assistance with the migration. There should be no gaps in service. Once steps have been taken to have your claims forwarded to T&C, you will simply stop interacting with Equifax via CaseBuilder. 

There will be a new claims platform with which to become familiar – called SHIELD. It is the opinion of 501 that the new system has more capabilities (customized specifically for 501), and an ease of use that will satisfy your needs. 

What does my organization need to do right now? 

Immediately, nothing. We will contact each member agency over the next few months to obtain a new Letter of Authority which will tell your state department of labor to begin mailing your claims documentation to T&C. While we wait for the state to make the change, we will train your staff on the new claims management platform. 

501 and T&C will provide numerous live and recorded trainings on the new platform over the coming months. And of course, 501 is always ready to handle any questions you may have. 

Questions? Concerns? 

If you have questions and concerns about the move to T&C, please contact 501 using the email: We are happy to answer all questions your organization has about this transition. 

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