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Managing unemployment for a nonprofit can be complicated.

What is reimbursing? Should we reimburse or not?

What is the Base Period and is my organization in a “Lag State?”

How do I prevent improper unemployment payments and can an employee who voluntarily quits qualify for unemployment benefits?

Since 1982, 501(c) Service has helped thousands of nonprofits manage their unemployment. We know what a challenge unemployment can be for nonprofits, and that’s why we’re sharing our Nonprofit Unemployment Insurance Tool Kit.

This FREE Tool Kit provides you with all the basics, helping you jumpstart your organization’s ability to strategically manage unemployment so that it’s not a burden on your mission-critical resources.

This Nonprofit Unemployment Insurance Tool Kit has in-depth information about:

  • Base Period Claims
  • Managing your Human Resources risk
  • How to handle unemployment impostor claims
  • Improper Payments
  • Keys to a successful unemployment hearing
  • What to do if an employee quits
  • When and how to protest unemployment claims
  • The nonprofit state unemployment insurance tax exemption

“By allowing the 501(c) Services administrators to handle our unemployment claims activity my staff has been freed up to provide more support and housing to our community and beyond… This year, in particular, it has been a tremendous relief to know we have the expires of a professional team to work with us. Truly, I cannot imagine what it would have been like if we had not had their guidance, support, and expertise.”

Sharon Ellis, PRESIDENT & CEO

Habitat for Humanity Orange County

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