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The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan

Save Money on Unemployment Costs with 501

The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan, administered through 501(c) Services, is a program designed to assist participating Boy Scouts councils in managing their unemployment costs effectively. Established in 1995, this plan has provided financial relief to Boy Scouts of America (BSA) councils.

The plan controls unemployment expenses and streamlines administrative tasks associated with unemployment claims. By joining this program, participating councils gain access to a team of experts with specialized knowledge and experience in navigating the complexities of unemployment insurance for nonprofit organizations.


The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan Membership

The membership, available through 501(c) Services, offers a comprehensive, full-service approach to optimize the process and save valuable resources.

Participants can gain significant savings on unemployment costs by reimbursing state claims within a secure environment. Unemployment claims can be a financial burden for nonprofit organizations, with individual claims costing as much as $32,000, depending on the state. By leveraging the plan’s benefits, councils can effectively avoid unnecessary claims, minimize inaccuracies and inappropriate claims, and ultimately reduce their financial liabilities. This plan operates through a fully staffed in-house team of plan management professionals coordinating all membership aspects. At 501, we work closely with participating councils, offering proactive claims management services to mitigate the risk of claims and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

What Councils Qualify for the Program?

To be eligible for the plan, councils must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and meet the requirements set forth by 501(c) Services. These requirements include compliance with the plan’s terms and conditions, including adherence to the program’s guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Boy Scouts Program Benefits

The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan membership includes a suite of robust services specifically designed to mitigate risk and minimize unemployment expenses. These services include:

Unparalleled and individualized customer service
Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives
Dedicated unemployment claims representative to strategize and consult on minimizing unemployment costs

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