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World Federation Of Youth Clubs begins work with 501(c) Services

By November 25, 2019May 26th, 2020No Comments

Today, we are announcing that World Federation of Youth Clubs is a new program participant of Nonprofit HR Services.

Nonprofit HR Services (HR Services) is one of the many programs provided by 501(c) Services deigned to help nonprofits serve America. Specifically, HR Services is a confidential resource – not a call center – available to help walk nonprofit organizations through difficult personnel issues. Whether urgent advice is needed or help understanding the latest legislation, HR Services is only a phone call or email away. The program currently serves nearly 3,200 nonprofits from across North America.

The mission of World Federation of Youth Clubs is to develop, advance and enhance global youth organizations that provide a positive environment and a safe place for young people around the world. They do this through youth development, family engagement, community engagement and global youth clubs.

For more information about HR Services, please contact us today. 


501(c) Services, a 100% employee owned organization, has nearly 40 years of experience in providing full-service alternatives to state-run unemployment insurance programs, and provides services to over 1,500 nonprofits nationally. We administer the 501(c) Agencies Trust, which offers a comprehensive suite of risk management services and multiple stop-loss protection solutions for its 501(c)(3) nonprofit members, and UInsure*, a first dollar unemployment insurance program for 501(c)(3)s, government entities, and tribally owned businesses. We also operate Nonprofit HR Services – a confidential resource available to help walk nonprofits through difficult personnel issues.

To see if your organization would financially benefit from our unemployment services, please complete a Request for Information Form today.

*UInsure is not available in all states.

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