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UInsure Application

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Federal law allows 501(c)(3) employers to opt out of paying into the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) program and instead reimburse the state for unemployment benefits paid out to separated employees. For many nonprofit employers, this is a cost savings opportunity when paired with appropriate risk management services. A typical 501(c)(3) employer may realize a potential savings in excess of 20% per year versus the tax associated with State-run SUI pools.

For 35 years, 501(c) Services has been managing unemployment programs for thousands of nonprofit employers, providing professional management services customized to match employer’s financial goals and risk appetite.

Customized Solutions Available for Nonprofit Employers
Depending on your organization’s needs, 501(c) Services has a solution available.

Savings-Focused Options – For more cost-conscious organizations
Explore 501(c) Agencies Trust – the oldest savings-focused unemployment management program in the nation. The Trust offers members reasonable reserve requirements, transparent accounting, superior customer service and customized stop-loss insurance protection.

Budgetary Certainty Options – For more risk averse organizations
501(c) Services is pleased to announce UInsure – a first-of-kind, admitted insurance product that provides first-dollar coverage for unemployment charges, giving employers peace of mind and budgetary certainty.

Included in each option above is a suite of robust services designed to further mitigate risk and minimize unemployment expenses, including:
  • Professional unemployment claims management
  • On-staff unemployment experts to help strategize layoffs
  • Hearing representation
  • Free educational programs certified by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and The HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
  • Unlimited access to an HR Hotline
  • Free membership to a large Group Purchasing Program
  • Re-employment services for separated employees
  • Streamlined billing
For a no risk savings analysis, please complete this form.

Please consult 501(c) Services for complete details about the various programs. Coverage and program descriptions are summarized. Coverage is subject to meeting certain eligibility requirements. Coverage is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, an authorized insurer in all 50 states and the D.C. Coverage is not available in all states. Coverages may be available through Unemployment Alternative Purchasing Group (the “RPG”), a risk purchasing group formed pursuant to the Risk Retention Act of 1986. This is not intended as a solicitation or offer to sell an insurance product in a jurisdiction in which the solicitation, offer, sale or purchase thereof would be unlawful. Great American Insurance Group, 301 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The UInsure service mark is owned by 501(c) Services. All rights reserved. 5340-URS (9/17)
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