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WEBCAST: The Coaching Solution – Getting Breakthrough Results

By February 9, 2022February 21st, 2023No Comments

What if there was one set of skills that could accelerate your progress toward your goals, improve your organizational culture, help you retain your employees, and create a vibrant, accountability-based workplace?

There is! It’s COACHING!

Training your people-leaders to become skilled “coaching managers” can have a dramatically positive impact on the most important measures of workplace success.

Creating a Coaching Culture:

  • Builds trust which is at the heart of every strong organization
  • Improves outcomes by helping people get laser-focused on what they need to achieve
  • Builds competence, confidence, and accountability
  • And can accelerate your progress toward every meaningful initiative on your plate in 2022 and beyond!

Join us for this interactive discussion and Q&A where we will:

  • Explain what coaching IS and why it has such a dramatically positive impact on your workplace
  • Reveal a simple coaching format that you can start using immediately
  • Discuss the process for replacing your annual performance appraisal with a quarterly coaching model that will result in better performance and less paperwork!
  • Answer YOUR questions about Coaching

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the ONE THING that accelerates EVERYTHING!

Speakers: Julie Gilbertson, Sr HR Consultant, 501(c) Service; Claire Laughlin, Founder, Claire Laughlin Consulting


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