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New Benefit – Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

By June 1, 2023October 19th, 2023No Comments

We are excited to share a valuable new member benefit with you.  

As you’re probably aware, many states now require regular Harassment Awareness training for all employees – designed to help prevent workplace harassment and discrimination, and to provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize and report harassment. 

As a member organization of the 501(c) Agencies Trust, you now have access to an award-winning on-demand “Respectful Workplace” harassment awareness training series from SkillBurst Interactive – at a negotiated annual price of only $5 per person, per course. You’re unlikely to find a better rate anywhere, especially on such a quality program.  

This will enable you to easily provide quality, cost-effective harassment prevention training to your personnel, and meet the training mandates of several jurisdictions.  

501 chose to enter this partnership with SkillBurst based on the company’s reputation, the quality of its courses, and the simplicity of its reporting platform. SkillBurst works closely with Labor & Employment attorneys in some of the country’s largest law firms to develop its courses, and its courses are used by those firms to train their own lawyers and staff as well.  The company comes highly recommended. 

You can take advantage of this benefit by doing the following: 

  1. Go to and enter your email address if you’d like to preview the courses before you order. 
  2. When you’re ready to order, enter the following special code: 501cMbr23 
  3. Once you finalize your order, you’ll receive immediate access to the platform with instructions on how to add your users. 

For more information about Respectful Workplace click here. 

We’re excited to be able to provide you with this amazing member benefit and hope that you’ll take advantage of it. 

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