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By November 22, 2017No Comments

Thanksgiving is this week. Our offices close at 12 Noon Pacific on Wednesday, November 22nd for the holiday. We will reopen Monday.

But until we close for the nation’s fall festival, all of us at 501(c) Services have been asking the same questions. What’s the most popular Thanksgiving pie in America?

To say the least, we have several “experts” in the office with differing opinions. And according to the website, hayneedle, America is just as divided about pie as it is about anything else. They ran the data on the most searched Thanksgiving recipes and it turns out the top three are pies!


As you can see, pumpkin leads the way this time of year which makes sense. Pecan and apple follow the season favorite.

This graphic and search data does not solve our internal discussions over the best Thanksgiving pie, but it does raise another question. What’s with Illinois and its interest in sweet potatoes?

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